I took a little video for Carli, ie cavalcadian radioactaiv-outsane! Their birthday fell on the day of the show, so I tried out my recording skills (so bad :’D) to get a little video from the bots! Sorry it’s dark and such, but I made sure to get a little banter in!

Hatchworth had more to say, but I had ended the recording. Poor fella just can’t win

my fav part of this is definitely my belly just hangin out nbd

awesome picture from the Comic-Con show of Rabbit, G.G., The Spine, Hatchworth, Riles and Lil’ Riles :3 huge props to Beth and James at Geekshot! the Cav’s own gremlin officer thanks you~



I’ll rust with yooooooooooouuuuu. (x)

this shot is so fantasticcc

looks like its from a really good high def video game

Gone to… (x)

the rabbit gif looks like a scene from a movie can i just cry a little


Hey all!

Check out our newest music video, the 1950’s style inspired song, “I’ll Rust With You”, from our newest album MK III!

Our album MK III can be purchased directly from our website in CD form, or digitally through iTunes and other digital music distributors: http://steampoweredgiraffe.com/musicstore.html

YES ; u; 


so after 300 years i have given up



You guys want a new music video today?

I heard you guys like music videos, so we made one, and we’re gunna post it, and maybe you will watch, and maybe you’ll like it…and maybe you’ll wait around with anticipation as I add the annotation links attheendofitrightnow.

Hang tight!


damn, popped in to the SPG mumble to ramble at people while i draw and it looks like it got wiped. boo for that 


so i was going to do the spine saying “make it” and hatchworth saying “do it” and so forth, but i’m going to scratch that and give you a motivational rabbit!!

i’m gonna move onto doing something cleaner and proper

and yes i am aware of the frame lacking some upper eyebrow colour and the few with nostril lack but hey it’s kind of abandoned now.

some of the preliminary designs for characters in my upcoming project, Girl Bully. one of my goals is to include a wide variety of people as important characters and avoid a story that falls into stereotypical casting. i’m still working on a handful of other designs, including a bunch for the co-main character, Ramses. 

personal projects are fun to chip away at~