the bright teal doesnt rly show up here as much as i thought it would, with all the gradient filters i put on it but i sTILL RLY WANTED TO DRAW rabbit and her cool new hair *_* i wanna draw all of rabbits hairstyles tbh

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my modem is on the fritz and it’s difficult to get online since the only place nearby with wifi is the laundromat. sorry for the silence, i’ll keep SPG art and whatnot cyclin’ thru as i’m able.

also, i have some rad news for the folks who follow here for SPG/SPG art but would prefer not to see updates about my modem: i started another blog for non-SPG shit. it will be adult, multi-fandom, and may contain responses to posts on social issues. it will have TWs for appropriate topics and cuts for text that might be upsettin’ to just trip across. don’t feel obligated to check it out, i mostly just want a place to stick stuff i dig without flooding content off people’s dashboards

you can find me at 

from this point forward, this blog will be 100% SPG and steampunk/robot related junk!


High kick | photo by trekkiebeth

dude’s whole body is shenanigans 

painting/pallet practice. almost none of the lighting in this makes sense, so i went with it



this dumb outfit is raul from new vegas.

raul has this vaquero outfit you can unlock and i put in on this giant cowboy nerdbaby

plus that mustache from last year

it’s so beautiful…


*decides to see how Rabbit would look with circuit hair, wakes up 7 hours later in a ditch* 

*decides to see how Rabbit would look with circuit hair, wakes up 7 hours later in a ditch* 


I can’t wait to show this baby off at Dragon con! <3

mega cool

woooah this is freaking cool 


Walter Girl Chelsea | photo by trekkiebeth

oh no so cuuute