Imagine your favorite robot playing Pokemon and agonizing over which starter to choose.

The Spine

Hatchworth would have so many Bidoofs 





Yay someone made gifs from my video. :)

And theyre in such good quality! :)


I really appreciate the feedback, the flattery, and the general support for my own change and Rabbit’s change. We don’t get a lot of troll comments around here, which is amazing!

I will admit that my change both personal and on stage is an emotional challenge for me. To do so in a public light and look to be accepted is tough. When folks say things like “he was hotter as a male” or “I miss the old Rabbit” it does hurt my feelings. But that’s not without me understanding where you’re coming from.

Preference is fair. Critique is fair. Designs are subjective. But going through this transformation is a trying time for me, as it is with all transitioning transgender people. I would ask that you consider the difficulty transgender people go through, and with me, my art is paired to my performance and my femininity. To be perceived as anything lesser than I once was is hard to swallow.
I respect aesthetic preferences. I can understand my art isn’t always going to be well received by everyone. I would just like folks to consider me as a human being before posting stuff relating to my gender. I do my best to deal with it and show understanding. Will you imagine Isabella and Rabbit having to get approval from the audience to be themselves?

Much, much, love,

Eloquent and important.


sISTERS !! *_*

seapeny and camiyak


Count to twenty, one is plenty

Cue the curtains please, please

annnnndddd here’s the second oonneee :)

more filters (though not as noticeable as the Rabbit one, but w/e)

it was kinda hard to figure out The Spine’s glow since he doesn’t really have a front one… Sooo i guessed :)

once again if anything is glitching or out of order please let me know!!

Heya bunny! So excited to come meet you guys again next week, was looking at your website and said all the clothing was sold out, I'm really hoping it is for the Steamposium ??


The only clothing we’ll have for the holidays are the new SPG T-shirts. :)

Yesss, I was hoping this’d be more than a poster!



Well…I got this finished and now I don’t know what to do with it.
I found a skateboard lying around my art class a while ago, and no one was using it, so I decided to paint it. I can’t very well put it back in the classroom since school is over now, and I can’t sell it nor do a giveaway since the board itself is in crap condition. The person that was using it before me carved a bunch of lines out of the bottom side for some reason, that was real fun to paint around.

this is so damn cute??

still some of the coolest skateboard art ever!

Why would your friend cosplay as a black Walter Girl? It doesn't stop being blackface just because it's gray.

— Anonymous

I hate to tell you this, since I imagine it’s going to seriously rock your world, but not all SPG fans are white.


Riley and I briefly spoke about what happens to Walter Workers with darker skin types. Since there’s really no actual science behind Walter Girl transformations (it’s a little magical) …the closest you could get is taking it as pigment being mutated and desaturated. I imagine not every Walter Worker would turn white- but literally…color is sapped from their face. With blue blood, Walter Workers could probably come in more of a variety of colors than you might originally think. Not just ivory white.

For example, meet Riley’s friend Aysha, who did a wonderful Walter Girl cosplay.

I love this concept because it shows what might happen to a Walter Girl of color. And she’s got beautiful gray skin. Riley and Aysha argue that some people could come out as different shades of gray. Like blue-gray or purple-gray.

Walter Girl Carolina, who performed with us in our live shows, chose a white makeup though- and I think it was probably just for symmetries sake with the co-worker at her side. Plus, I can imagine a gray Walter Girl being mistaken for a robot even more-so than they already do!

Stage-reasoning aside, your Walter Workers could be just as varied as you see fit. We’ve seen Gabi’s Walter Faun for example…and in a world where magic is real, well…the possibilities are endless.

I hope this post was inspiring to you all as seeing her cosplay was to me! I hope you guys continue to come up with cool characters and outfits for the inhabitants of our crazy lil world. :)


Not sure why i ended up drawing this but it’s well overdue. This song is still fighting over my heart with me and my baby~