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Hello there! I just wanted to tell you that you're an awesome, wonderful person and I hope you have a terrific day! <3

— Anonymous

aw thank you <3 i appreciate it! i’m finally up and moving again and i have such sweet messages up in my inbox. thanks to everyone who sent one!

Hey folks, it’s your favorite neighborhood Horrorian here with another round of the Official Cavalcadium Contest! This time our theme is: SHOEBOX DIORAMAS

You have until October 1st to create a shoebox diorama showing your favorite line(s) from a song. Please limit yourself to reasonably priced craft supplies (no ball jointed dolls or other additions that will quickly outprice other people). Inside of that little box there are no rules - you can do a traditional scene with figures, something more abstract, or turn the entire concept on its head. All that matters is that your favorite line from a song is contained inside of a shoebox.

Don’t have a shoebox? Try asking at a local shoe store, they tend to have a bunch extra. You are also allowed to substitute a similar-sized box if you can’t or do not want to travel to a shoestore!

Here are the basic rules:

1. Your box must be completed by September 30th, 12 pm, and submitted to the Cavalcadium forums. Post HERE when you have completed your work or if you have any questions while constructing your entry. Please include as many pictures as you feel are necessary to show off your box. You may need to upload your images to a site like imgur before linking them - pictures don’t always display properly!

2. Include your name, the song, and a brief explination of your scene!

3. You are welcome to post your entry any time between now and October. We suggest making sure you’re absolutely 100% ready before doing so, since the first set of images is what will go on to judging.

Judging will be carried out by a group of artists and literary scholars, who will check each work and score it based on overall presentation, creativity and use of materials. Our judges are going to be familiarized with SPG lore, but it’s your job to impress them with windows into the world of Steam Powered Giraffe! Good luck, and remember:

For this contest, each completed and accepted entry will receive a prize. *** This means that receiving a prize will require you to provide an address you feel comfortable receiving mail at. You are welcome to enter if you do not want anything shipped to you, but please contact me ahead of time so we can plan something out to be sure you receive a prize ***

You will receive a wristband of your choice or a similarly priced item from the store. You will also be competing for a first, second and third-place prize.

FIRST PLACE - MKIII Collector’s Edition OR a signed, out-of-print SPG poster (horizontal red and black poster, Rabbit, Hatchworth and The Spine with signatures for each, male Rabbit design)

SECOND PLACE - Any clothing item from the SPG store plus DVD. Either item can be substituted for other items of equal worth, including art prints.

THIRD PLACE - Any CD of the winner’s choice, plus kazookaphone.

Sounds rad, right? BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE:

This time we are also going to be focusing our Bonus Prize on donating shoes and socks to various organizations in need. You are free to choose any organization you want, just please provide a picture of a receipt of goods OR a picture of the items you are donating. I suggest organizations like local thrift stores, charities for the homeless, and/or international relief funds.

If you have never donated, or aren’t sure where to start, please contact me here on tumblr. I can help you find a reputable place in your hometown to donate items to, or help you get them out to someone who can use them.

Those who provide proof of a donation are entered into our Bonus Round. TWO WINNERS will be selected and will receive either 50$ toward a costume piece of their choice or the other item not claimed by first place. You get one or the other, and both winners will be consulted to make sure everyone’s getting somethin’ they can live with!

Have fun, be safe, and remember to post all of your entries in THIS thread!


You can see that I’m in love with the new wig


don’t hate me cuz you ain’t me~



The Spine | photo by trekkiebeth

this is terrifying and my new headcanon for the war file malfunction 


Oh dat’s naaaaaasty.

Please don’t through your bloomers on The Spine. I don’t think he quite appreciates the projectile pantaloons.

Rabbit looks like she’s having fun…also I just had to draw the new wig X 3

bunnybennett, Rabbit looked absolutely gorgeous at ani-jam.

The hastily done background is supposed to be some curtains and a heart…but I just sorta went “meh.”


ok…so I can’t draw elephants…but if you cover up the tusks and trunk with one hand and the back with your other hand it kinda looks like a chicken head~!

I’m serious…this was what I immediately thought of when I saw the giant elephant in Moulin Rouge.  

steampoweredgiraffe what do you think?


apparently this hasnt been done yet 0_0

im absolutely terrified of the animatronics from the game five nights at freddys—- iTS AN AMAZING GAME but omg im such a coward ;_;

in order to alleviate my fear i decided to draw one robotic rabbit combating the other robotic rabbit… sort of. also i wanted an excuse to draw a crossover u_u;;;

they’re both actually pretty scary too