they have a rumor in the Cavalcadium that Cav Officer Riles glows in the dark. no one’s really wanted to be alone with her IN the dark to double-check, but it’s been said all gremlins do.

… headed out for the show :3

Just finished makeup and prosthetic testing. Cav Officer Riles will be appearing at the SPG Comic-Con show the way she was always meant to be:

Glow in the dark.

No, really.


Bunny found a pack of stickers and decided to add a little glam to The Spine’s spine :>

So… a few days ago someone asked me to draw The Spine and Bunny doing something cute. And I guess it was Rabbittwalter… But I’m not sure, ‘cuz -again- I accidentaly deleted the message. :< And I’m sorry if it wasn’t an ask from you.  (Please correct meehehehehe!1)

And well, I’m not happy with the final effect, just because lately my hands don’t want to cooperate with me. Im sohohohohoryyy.

spent the day in the San Diego zoo. i’m a freaking zebra 


The Spine & Rabbit | photo by trekkiebeth


Yeah, me and my baby love Saturday nights, Saturday nights. :>



See Steam Powered Giraffe LIVE during Comic-Con!
Only in San Diego, CA!

Thursday, July 24th at the North Park Theatre.
Tickets on sale now!

This is gunna be fuuuuuuuun!

i hop on a plane tomorrow to head out and see this and CC :3 gonna be a really good time with friends <3

although i won’t have a cane so i think our partying hard will mainly be done from a sitting position 


Rabbit in bright colors.


i had a lot of people come and ask me to draw carissa/rabbit rust with you art SO HERE YOU GO!