Walter Girl Chelsea

Companion piece to this one: [x]

I want all the Kazooland worlds to be illustrated slightly differently and I want the Horroria style to be ‘Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark’


And my little hidden doodle 

I think I’ll name him Jeffree xD 

new comic pages AND Jefferee



Walter Girls & James | photo by trekkiebeth



I redrew my first EVER spg fanart. 
It was of Rabbit, back in 2012. [x]

it is a good day for fanart


Was just looking through one of my sketchbooks and found some unfinished SPG fan art I did a year or two ago. I forgot how awesome this looked. I’m tempted to paint it since I’ce got my water colors out for the Hannibal fan art I’ve been working on.

confirmed, this looks awesome

inked with the line tool, colored with a mouse. RIP

i don’t have my tablet at work so here’s a Spine i made out of the line tool and witchcraft


it seems I have acquired a little fandom????????? y’all are gonna need to stop or i’m gonna have passed away from overexertion by morning

i really like your OCs. i love your demon design, i love your human character. i saw your fandom form last night too, it’s exciting to see an art pass the tens of thousands of notes. - u- deserved tho, do the art!